Go on a trip by Hovercraft on ice in the outer archipelago of Stockholm.

Visit the archipelago, usually known for long summernights, swimming in warm water and islandhopping in a different way. During the wintertime, it holds a different kind of magic. Big empty ices, silence, glittering snow and starry skys.

We put a trip together that is just rigth for you. A half day roundtrip or a full package with hovercraftrides, coffe, lunch, three course dinner and staying over night. We can allso arrange a visit to a sauna including a dip in a hole in the ice. Discover the magic of the winterarchipelago with us.

We are ready to drive as soon as the sea ices over. Our area that we drive in, is the outer middle part of Stockholms archipelago. Here you can use us as a hovercrafttaxi or book an adventure. We usually start and end the drives at Åsättra brygga on Ljusterö but we can allso drive you to and from Sollenkroka brygga on Vindö.

We are a small local company, based on Svartsö and Ingmarsö, who has driven hovercraft since 1990.

Our hovercrafts are the models IH6 and BBV6, built in the archipelago and with room for up to five adults or the same weigth if you need a lot of luggage.

Together with our partners, we can plan trips for larger groups.

The hovercraft drives quickly and safe on both ice and open water. That is what makes them unique and very useful in this area of the archipelago were the ices change often, and differ a lot in the area.

More questions? Or want to make a reservation or ask about prices, please call us!

See you out on the ice!


Matte Hedelin

+4670 211 13 81